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Techie Kids Club

Techie Kids Club

What's A Demo Class?

A Demo Class is the best way for you to determine if Techie Kids Club is right for your school.


  1. Select a date and choose classrooms to participate (best for students in preschool – third grade).
  2. A certified Enrichment Coach will visit your school and host a mini-class session with each group of students you designate.


Demo Classes are always free for your students. Techie Kids Club Enrichment classes are free for your school, forever!


Tell Us About Your School

We'll schedule a demo–FREE for your school and for your students.

Complete the form and we’ll do the rest!

What's Next?

Step 2

Promote Your Program

We’ll provide professional promotional materials to generate buzz among families and build enrollment for your Techie Kids Club Enrichment Program.

Step 3

Families Will Register

Registration is handled entirely by us. Your School Admin Dashboard will show your class schedule, who’s registered, and how full your enrichment classes are.

Step 4

Launch Coding + Robotics

Get ready for happy families, thriving students, and more enrollments!

Techie Kids Club

Share With Your Team

Share this one-page summary of what to expect leading up to Demo Day so that your teachers and staff are in the know and get students and families excited about your new program. 




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